Blog Launch….Oh and Uncle Uber’s Turns FIVE!

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Hit a milestone— launch a blog!! What’s the milestone, you ask? Uncle Uber’s turned FIVE yesterday!! Yep, I had to double check the calendar myself, and it’s really true!! (The picture above is from 2011 when we first toured the familiar space and below is us now.)


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When you make a decision to open a business knowing that approximately 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years, it feels great knowing you’ve beaten that statistic!! Reflecting back on those five years made me realize how much we’ve been through and how much we appreciate all of the support we’ve received from our fans. You are the whole reason we get to do what we love everyday.


Mom and pop


When we started, (ok that’s not REALLY us in the pic above-we’re not THAT old!!) we were a lunch only spot because we didn’t know if there was enough traffic to support later hours. With your consistent support, we expanded our hours, our menu, added staff and watched the area develop around us. It’s still funny to me how many times I hear that people “didn’t know we existed” until they decided to visit our neighborhood after recommendations from people they know. I feel like we’ve gotten to know so many people over these years that EVERYONE must know about us by now-right?!! Nope, not true, but we’d rather spend our hard earned profits on keeping our awesome staff than on big marketing budgets-so word of mouth advertising is our lifeline, and we’re ok with that. Now that we’ve reached a small business milestone, we thought a blog might help us stay in touch or better connect with fans we don’t get to see on a regular basis because they don’t live close by – but like a good friend or close family member – they drop in any chance they are in the neighborhood, and that means the world to us!! 🙂


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The title of the blog, “Between The Bread”, seemed appropriate for our mom-n-pop sammich shop. One slice of bread represents our personal life and the other slice is our restaurant life. There is no defined line separating the two – but they’re made better by all of the ingredients in between them. From one day to the next we never know what kind of sammich we’re gonna get-and we enjoy that challenge!! We’d like to share some of that “Between The Bread” stuff here in the blog as an opportunity to stay connected to our fans and share more of our crazy lives and interests – so you can expect a variety of blog topics from adventures to DIY projects to recipes and more. We don’t have the manpower or money to expand to every corner of the Metroplex and beyond, but we DO have a way to stay connected in between visits! We hope you’ll visit here often and drop by to support your local mom-n-pop shop when you’re in the neighborhood!!


Happy birthday 5


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